First grade, how to prepare for the math and Italian entrance test

Summer is draining and school is about to start. September is a delicate time for all students, but especially for those who have to take the entry test of the first grade.

The end of elementary school marks a fundamental moment of transition, so the first day of secondary school should be lived in the best way and without fear, arriving prepared for the tests. For some time now, in fact, teachers have been subjecting students to entrance tests to test their skills and level of knowledge, the most feared, as is often the case, are those of mathematics and Italian.

The time left to review is very little and often you risk creating real dramas with stressed parents and anxious children. How to enjoy the last days of summer and get ready for the appointment with the entrance tests? Redooc, the digital educational platform that helps students learn while having fun, provides us with the solution.

PCs, smartphones and tablets are the tools used to create a general review of mathematics and Italian, testing themselves with simple exercises and interactive levels. On the portal are available exercises and quizzes that allow you to prepare for the tests of the averages, to start with the right foot and without effort.

Mathematics has always been one of the most difficult subjects, but Redooc is able to make it a game in a few steps. Have fun with your children, reviewing math and geometry, with tests and exercises present at the entrance test. Turn holiday tasks into an interactive activity that will lead you to the discovery of shapes, numbers and rules.

With Redooc your children will pass the grammar and Italian test without any problems, thanks to a complete review that will become a game. Morphology, vocabulary, syntax and spelling will finally be easier with exercises, interactive forms and immediate feedback that will allow them to fill in the gaps and arrive in September ready for the challenge of the first media.

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