First grade, how to prepare for the entrance test of mathematics and Italian – Part 1

The holidays are almost over and the time has come for many students to face the first day of school. This is an expected and feared date together, especially for the children who will go to high school and will have to deal with the entrance tests of mathematics and Italian.

The transition from secondary to high school is very important for students and must be addressed with commitment. How to pass the test, but not to ruin the last days of summer? With the heat and the desire to have fun, it is really difficult for children (and parents) to find time to study. Fortunately there is Redooc, a digital educational platform that allows you to learn in a fun way using smartphones, PCs and tablets.

Difficulty levels, checks, explanatory cards and exercises are the tools that will allow your children to train to pass the dreaded entry tests and start on the right foot in the new adventure of high school.

Just hours on books, dramas and desperate last minute reviews, with Redooc the study turns into a game and the entry tests of Italian and mathematics are no longer a problem. It is also possible to make an effective review of the topics addressed in previous years not only at home, but also under the umbrella, in the park or during a moment of relaxation.

Thanks to this interactive tool, studying grammar and Italian will no longer be tiring and even mathematics, a subject feared by all, will become simple and clear. On the platform your children can try their hand at math exercises to review the topics covered during the course of the school, from fractions, to expressions, up to linear equations, the fundamentals of statistics and of course geometry.

The beauty of Redooc is that it makes it easy even what scares the kids, allowing them to enjoy the last days of vacation, but at the same time to get prepared for the first day of high school. The advantage is twofold: students can study without difficulty, easily passing the entrance tests, while parents have the security of knowing their children prepared and ready to live a new chapter in their school life.

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