Crying baby? 10 reasons that could be the cause

Babies are not yet able to communicate well and therefore use their crying as the number one means of communication. Don’t worry, maybe your baby just wants to eat. A portable bottle warmer, found on EasyToBeMom blog will help calm your baby down in minutes.

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Reasons why babies cry

But what kind of cry belongs to which problem? We list the 10 most common reasons why babies cry for you.

1. Dirty diaper

Let’s face it, you wouldn’t like to be in dirty pants either. One baby is less able to tolerate a dirty diaper than another and puts it on a screech. But luckily this situation is easy to investigate and resolve.

2. Sleep

Many babies get tired because we think they will go to sleep when they are tired. Sometimes this does not work and your baby needs rest before his nap. So pay close attention to sleeping signs, such as yawning and rubbing your eyes, then you are in a cry. Also, view our sleep schedule so you can see if your baby is sleeping enough.

3. Want to be hugged

Your baby likes to be as close to you as possible. If your baby doesn’t stop crying, try holding him close to you and talking to him. Maybe that was just what he needed. No worries, in the first few months you really can’t give your baby too much attention.

4. Hunger

Most babies cry because they are hungry. Although it is easy to solve, you should look out for the signs of hunger before your baby starts crying. For example, pay attention to puckering his lips, restlessness and putting hands in the mouth.

5. Abdominal problems

Your baby’s digestive system is not yet fully developed, as a result of which he may experience intestinal cramps or gas accumulation. If your baby becomes weeping especially after eating, you have a good chance that the cry will be affected. Read in our article ‘First aid for intestinal cramps’ what you can do about this.

6. Have a farmer

If your baby starts crying after feeding, he may suffer from intestinal cramps. But it can also be that a farmer is bothering him. That may sound silly, but your baby can suffer quite a bit. Try to make him burp, you’ll see that it’s relieved.

7. Not being tasty

Have a fever, a cold or have another child’s disease among the members; it’s all reason enough for your baby to cry. View the ten most common childhood ailments and find out what is bothering your baby.

8. Too hot or cold

Your baby will indicate exactly if it is too hot or too cold. The bad thing is that he cannot tell this easily. A difficult cry to figure out. Check once in a while if your child is not wearing too much or too little and, for example, pay attention to fiddling with clothes. You can also feel well in his neck if he is too hot. His neck then feels clammy and warm.

9. Get teething

Usually, teeth come through when your baby is between four and seven months old. If your baby is in that process, it can hurt a lot. Crying showers and dizziness are therefore often daily fare. Read in our article ‘The first teeth’ what you can do about this.

10. Discomfort

Perhaps the biggest disadvantage of being a baby is not being able to express your feelings. Sometimes something small is going on, such as a finger that is stuck or a hair that stings his eye. But he cannot possibly make this clear to you. Look for these kinds of inconveniences as soon as there is no other clear reason for your baby to cry.

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