Create a calm spray for your baby’s whims

One of the most difficult things about being a parent is managing your whims. All of us have been children and as such we have had whims that, in some circumstances, our parents have struggled to manage.

Crying, screaming, pinching, kicking. The whims of our children, most of the time, for us parents are behaviors really difficult to understand but also to deal with. What to do in these moments?

Often we lose patience or we get caught up in the anxiety that our child has something. If looking at the world with his eyes and trying to understand why he screams and cries, trying to identify with our small, has not led to any result, perhaps it is appropriate to resort to the “calm spray”.

It seems like a magic spell or a magic potion, in reality it’s aromatized water to be sprayed when the whims of your children seem endless.

Just mention it and you will unleash their fantasy of fairies, princes and princesses, obtaining the desired effect.

Preparing the “calm spray” is very simple. All you need is a spray bottle, not too large, to be filled with water and a few drops of essential oil. You can choose the fragrance you prefer, the important thing is that it is sweet, fragrant and that your children like it.

You can tell your children that this spray was carefully prepared by the fairies of the forest or that it was used by your grandmothers when you were also children and had a tantrum. You will have a charm on them that will calm them down instantly.

One of our needs, as people, is to be understood, especially when we are small. Children, since they are newborns, absorb any word and behavior of a parent. If during a critical situation, our attitudes are overwhelmed by anger and nervousness, we will transmit insecurity to the child, causing increasingly problematic behavior.

As parents we must strive to understand our children, without losing our temper, trying to identify ourselves from when they are newborns until adolescence. Only in this way will children learn to recognize their emotions and manage them over time. Capricci, after all, are part of the evolutionary phase of each of us.

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