Apron, in some schools it won’t wear anymore. And there’s the controversy

This is a controversy that has its roots in the years: do children have to wear aprons at school or not?

There are those who are for and against, but today the thorny issue reopens after the news that in kindergartens, in Turin, children will no longer have to wear the famous apron.

A change, this, that will remain in history and that opens new avenues for reflection. The apron has always represented homologation and respect for the rules within the school system.

Today those rules have been reversed by the desire to express the diversity of children, which, in fact, can be demonstrated at school by hanging the good old apron forever on the nail.

Obviously, this decision has caused a lot of controversy, literally splitting public opinion and parental opinion in two.

Parents claim that this item of clothing is a symbol with a strong meaning not only for children, but also for society. The apron would in fact represent a rule of equality that would protect children from discrimination between rich and poor families.

The school, according to the supporters of the apron, is the place where children can and must grow up carefree without having to prove anything to anyone, especially when it comes to designer clothes and accessories.

The other side, on the other hand, is a strong advocate of the free expression of diversity. According to the parents, the school apron should be abolished in order to allow children to express their personality through the way they dress.

The reason for the choice of the Turin schools, moreover, is in line with the ideals expressed by the parents who are against the use of the apron. According to them, in fact, the children have an identity to defend that through the apron can not emerge. Regardless of the choice to make their children wear a uniform, it is always worth remembering that it is the identity of a person, whatever his age, to create its value.

And this is a discourse that goes beyond a simple apron: all people in fact build their identity on the basis of the social groups they attend, the role they play within it and the emotions they live.

The most important thing for a parent is therefore to educate and accompany their child on the path of discovery of identity, regardless of a uniform.

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