Aids to bring children to comparison: how to choose the right product for you

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1. Elastic band for babies

It is very enveloping and suitable for newborns and premature babies. In 100% cotton or, even better, in organic cotton, it is one size of about 5 meters in length. The elasticity allows the band to adapt perfectly to the body of the mother and child.
Is it for you?
• It is used from the first days
• Easy to wear
• Simple binding, only “facing mother”
• Ideal up to a maximum of 7/8 Kg

2. Rigid baby carrier

It is perhaps the most versatile solution in the world of babywearing, generally in cotton, with the possibility of carrying even older children, more or less up to 2/3 years. It is available in different sizes, but the most recommended are always those of about 5 meters because they allow you to perform various bindings, both in front, on the side, and on the back. To use it correctly, a training course with a consultant is always recommended.
Is it for you?
• It is used from the first days
• Multiple ligatures, front, back, and side
• Can be used up to about 2/3 years

3. Ring Band

It looks like a rigid band, but it is much easier and faster to use. It has two rings that replace the knot, and which act as a position regulator by sliding the fabric inside. Rings are preferable without joints to avoid breakage with weight; very valid are those in aluminum.
Is it for you?
• Ideal from 5/6 months
• Widely adjustable
• Positions: facing mother and on the side
• Very easy to use

4. Mei Tai

A product that comes from the ancient Chinese tradition. It consists of a rectangular panel of fabric, generally cotton, and 4 bands at the ends, sometimes even padded for greater comfort. Offers maximum convenience and absolute adjustment!
Is it for you?
• Usable from birth
• A compromise between sling and baby carrier
• Positions: facing mother and on the back
• Carries up to a maximum of about 15 kg

5. Ergonomic baby carrier

The ergonomic baby carrier is a practical and functional solution for carrying babies, in some cases even from birth. It is well structured and comfortable to ensure optimal seating for the child and comfort for the parent.
Is it for you?
• Usable from birth or from 3.5 kg (depending on the model)
• Practical, easy to use, and modern
• Positions: facing mother, on the back and on the side (depending on the model)
• Carries from 3.5 to 15/18 kg about

6. Ergonomic Toddler Carrier

This is a wider version than normal ergonomic baby carriers, perfect for children aged 2 to 5. Wide seat and high back.
Is it for you?
• Can be used for about 2 years
• Practical, easy to use, and modern
• Positions: front and back
• Carries up to about 20/22 kg

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